The right time…

Fountainview responds to each wave and waterfall, every sprinkle and surge

Fountainview cares exclusively for those living with dementia, whenever and as long as they need us

Long-Term Living


Our three pavilions accommodate mid, late and end stages of your loved one’s journey. They are identical in layout so that if and when residents need to transition, their surroundings are familiar.

Short-Term Rehabilitation


Individuals with dementia require a holistic approach to rehabilitation that accommodates the effects of the disease. We offer customized physical, speech and occupational therapy services that restore your loved one to optimal functioning, all the while helping him or her feel understood, respected and safe.

Our licensed speech, occupational and physical therapists on average:

  • Improve rehab patients’ functional scores more than 50 percent
  • Help more than 70 percent of short-term rehab patients return to their prior living environment

Respite Care


As a family member caring for a loved one, you may need to be away for work or to take a much needed vacation but don’t know how to provide care in your absence. We offer Respite Care as long as your family needs our support, whether it’s a few days or a few weeks.

Hospice Services


We provide in-house hospice services as a part of our continuum of care so that you don’t need to transfer your loved one elsewhere during a difficult time.

Our expertise is renowned

We are nationally and locally recognized

by health care associations and government agencies for our quality of care.

We are a go-to for Alzheimer’s research

clinical drug trials, teaching, training and education.  

We are in close proximity to and partnership with Emory University

and other research institutions, which provide access to the latest dementia findings and treatments.


"You are a very special breed of caretakers who open their hearts to each of your residents. Not only did you embrace our mother and her needs, but you took each of us into your hearts. The love we felt and were shown was so tremendous."


Cathy Brown and family

“It was a surprise to us how quickly Mila adjusted to her new home and this was due in large part to all the wonderful people involved in her care. We couldn’t be more grateful to each and every one of you.”


George and Elizabeth Petkovich

“Although Dad was only there for two months, you provided excellent care and were there for us when we needed you.”


Mickey Wener, Jenny Michaels & Susan Hatfield

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful care you gave to my precious Mama. As I left there each day, I knew that she was in caring and competent hands. I didn’t worry about her for I knew that all of you are dedicated to good care for the residents.”


Margaret Lenne

“Thank you for your loving care of my dad. Your efforts to truly see him as a person and an individual was a comfort to us as we watched the husband, father and grandfather we loved decline.”


Faye Hardiman

“You are special people doing a difficult job. Never doubt the importance of all those ‘little’ things you do every day. In the end, they are the big things.”


Anne Cherry

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