The right place

Fountainview accommodates dementia from its ripples to its swirls

Designed to guide the journey

Fountainview was carefully conceived and constructed exclusively for people with dementia-related disorders. We combined more than five years of research with our three decades of experience in geriatric care to provide a warm, home-like environment that encourages freedom of movement and ensures the dignity and comfort of all residents.

Three pavilions, three stages


Our community is divided into three pavilions to support residents as they move from mid to late to end stages of the disease. Each pavilion features a selection of private, semi-private and deluxe suite rooms.

The pavilions are open and barrier free with prominent wayfinding elements, such as a continuous wooden pathway around the centralized nurses’ station that connects sitting areas to spaces for activities and our outdoor courtyard. This open floor plan allows for constant, yet unobtrusive, supervision while permitting the highest degree of personal freedom.

Homey and comforting


Each pavilion is divided into four pod areas where small groups of resident rooms are organized around comfortably furnished sitting areas. Each pod has a different wall color and distinct landmark pieces – quilts, furniture, three-dimensional interactive paintings — to make it easier for residents to distinguish their sitting area and room location.

Display cases at the entrance of each resident bedroom provide a showcase for treasured personal mementos as well as a “cueing” opportunity to orient residents to their rooms.

Lighting the way


Research has shown that seniors need two to three times more lighting than younger people. Each pavilion is brightened by natural light filtering in from high clerestory windows and skylights. In addition, we have taken care to prevent glare by incorporating cove lighting and finishing our floors with a satin finish instead of high gloss. In residents’ bathrooms, we made the floors darker so that white porcelain fixtures are more visible.

The great outdoors


Residents can venture outdoors to our large, secure courtyard and lush garden area that adjoins our three pavilions. Those who are able may walk from pavilion to pavilion via the courtyard without leaving the secured area of the facility. The space features a walkway with handrail that leads to a stunning waterfall, raised planting beds, bird feeders, and a large arbor dripping with wisteria. Shaded benches along the walkway provide comfortable seating, and tables with umbrellas are ideal spots for sharing a picnic with visitors.

Safe and secure


Your loved one is carefully observed morning, noon and night. Every room in each pavilion is no more than 40 feet from the nurses’ station, which means our residents receive the attention needed even if unable to use the call light system. We also attach monitors to residents’ clothing while they are in bed to alert nurses if they try to get up unassisted. And, the nurses’ stations have monitors for all doors so they know if residents go out to our secured courtyard.

The main exit to each pavilion has a key pad, permitting only staff and visitors with knowledge of the code to leave. We also use the WatchMate system, a small sensor worn on the wrist or ankle, that sets off an alarm if a resident enters the unsecured area of the facility unassisted.


"You are a very special breed of caretakers who open their hearts to each of your residents. Not only did you embrace our mother and her needs, but you took each of us into your hearts. The love we felt and were shown was so tremendous."


Cathy Brown and family

“It was a surprise to us how quickly Mila adjusted to her new home and this was due in large part to all the wonderful people involved in her care. We couldn’t be more grateful to each and every one of you.”


George and Elizabeth Petkovich

“Although Dad was only there for two months, you provided excellent care and were there for us when we needed you.”


Mickey Wener, Jenny Michaels & Susan Hatfield

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful care you gave to my precious Mama. As I left there each day, I knew that she was in caring and competent hands. I didn’t worry about her for I knew that all of you are dedicated to good care for the residents.”


Margaret Lenne

“Thank you for your loving care of my dad. Your efforts to truly see him as a person and an individual was a comfort to us as we watched the husband, father and grandfather we loved decline.”


Faye Hardiman

“You are special people doing a difficult job. Never doubt the importance of all those ‘little’ things you do every day. In the end, they are the big things.”


Anne Cherry

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