Our History

A Proud Heritage

“In the early 1960’s, my father, William Small, Sr., who as teenager had lost his mother, endeavored to honor her by creating a nursing home that would embody her finest qualities. I am told, my grandmother, a school teacher, was a very compassionate and caring woman. In its almost 30 years of operation, I believe the center, The Fountainview Convalescent Center, eloquently achieved my father’s goal.

Over three decades, The Fountainview Convalescent Center provided care for Atlanta’s seniors with kindness, respect and dignity. The facility served numerous residents and families alike. The center long enjoyed a reputation for delivering high quality care in a “family like” environment. To many residents, it was a place they thought of as home.

Fountainview’s history and reputation is a source of great pride for both my family and myself, the center played a significant role in the lives of many people. From our residents and their families and friends to our employees and their families, from our many volunteers to our visiting church groups and school children, a great number of people have been a part of our “Fountainview Family”.

The strong presence of family and genuine caring has been the lifeblood of the facility’s success. I firmly believe that this is the common thread that enabled Fountainview to successfully sustain itself for well over a quarter of a century. It is here, based on this tradition and heritage that we began to chart Fountainview’s future….”

Many things have changed in the past 30 years, especially in the Long-Term Care industry. The days of conventional nursing or family owned nursing homes are numbered. With this in mind, I have attempted to more clearly define Fountainview’s role as a health care provider. “

Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia disorders was prevalent in our facility.

“As I noted, my father’s vision of a compassionate, caring, “family like” nursing home embodied Fountainview’s first 30 years of operation. It is my goal to continue and build upon this strong foundation of tradition and heritage with my own vision of a state-of-the-art center for Alzheimer's care.”

William M. Small, Jr.
President and CEO
The Fountain Companies, Inc.

Focus and Mission: A new direction

A new and alternative care center for Alzheimer’s was the owner’s vision, with a mission of becoming the preeminent provider of care for people with Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders.

This vision came to fruition in November of 1996 when The Fountainview Center for Alzheimer’s Disease was opened, thus a new direction for specialized care, with a sense of purpose.