Education and training of staff is critical in successfully interacting and caring for people with dementia. We employ a full-time Registered Nurse that is 100% dedicated to staff and family education programs. Through research, learning sessions and experiences, we developed our own specialized dementia training classes for our staff.

Staff Training is provided on a daily basis. Each staff is required to attend, participate and demonstrate advanced skills in dementia care.  We are required by the state to provide certain types of in-services on quarterly basis; Fountainview far exceeds those requirements.

The Learning Center is a location in the facility that has been set aside as an enhanced learning environment. Both formal and non-formal classroom training with media equipment and computers assist our staff in the best of technology for learning.

Seminars whether provided in the facility or outside are frequently attended by many staff. We fully encourage our staff to attend their areas of interest. Staffs have also attended many State and National Conferences on Alzheimer’s Care.

Family Education We understand that the impact of Alzheimer’s Disease extends beyond the person with the disease. Families and friends also become victims of the disease. The center provides our “partners in care giving” approach to care. As the family ultimately takes the role of the decision maker for their loved one, we understand and care about the challenges and support they may need through this journey with Alzheimer’s’. Our Education Director plans, organizes and directs family support groups sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter Alzheimer’s Association, Family Education Night , and Lunch Bunches for socialization and learning.

Resource Center part of our value to our community is to be a resource for others to obtain information or learn about dementia disorders and share our learning experiences. We have provided our resources openly to people from all over the United States and countries like, Japan and Germany.